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Archery Around the Garden State

2016 Event Schedule
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
10 WoPeNa Vegas 600 11AM
10 Garden State Vegas 450 10AM
15 WaXoBe NJ-SFAA Meeting 8PM
17 WaXoBe Vegas 450 10AM
17 Victory Archers NFAA 300 10AM
21-24 Lancaster Archery Lancaster, PA The Lancaster Classic
24 WoPeNa Vegas 600 11AM
24 Garden State NFAA 300 10AM
29-30-31 The VEGAS Shoot 2016 Las Vegas, NV www.nfaausa.com/vegas-shoot
29-30-31 Atlantic Cape Community College Eastern Seaboard Championships atlanticcapearchery.club/2016-eastern-seaboard-championships-2/
31 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
31 WaXoBe NFAA 300 10AM
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
7 Garden State Vegas 450 10AM
7 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
14 WaXoBe Vegas 450 10AM
21 Victory NFAA 300 10AM
21 Garden State NFAA 300 10AM
28 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
28 WaXoBe Vegas 600 10AM
28 Black Knights CABIN FEVER See flyer below
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
4-5-6 Buckshorn NFAA Mid Atlantic Indoor Championship  
4-5-6 WoPeNa NFAA Mid Atlantic Indoor Championship  
4-5-6 WaXoBe NFAA Mid Atlantic Indoor Championship  
13 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
13 Garden State NFAA 300 10AM
18-19-20 Louisville, Ky NFAA National Indoor Championship  
20 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
20 WaXoBe NFAA 300 10AM
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
2-3 Buckshorn NJ State Indoor Championship  
2-3 Garden State NJ State Indoor Championship  
2-3 WoPeNa NJ State Indoor Championship  
9 Black Knight Hunters Helping the Hungry 3-D Shoot  
10 Black Knight F/H/3-D  
10 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
15 WaXoBe NJ-SFAA Meeting 8PM
16-17 Garden State Novelty Chili Cool Off Shoot  
22-24 Whittingham WMA Whittingham 3-D Archery Rendezvous (Flyer will be posted closer to date)
24 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
24 Buckshorn F/H  
24 WaXoBe F/H  

The State Indoor and Outdoor Field championship will now be a one day shoot you can shoot both days but you have to shoot in different divisions. It will no longer be shot two times on the same registration and the highest score counts. You may sign up in two or more different divisions and pay separate registration fees. -Elmer McKishen VP Field Archery

DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
4/30-5/1 Garden State F/H/3-D Both Days  
6-7-8 Redding, CA NFAA Marked 3-D Championship  
8 WaXoBe 3-D  
15 Black Knight F/H/3-D  
21-22 Garden State TANJ F/H/3-D Both Days  
22 Buckshorn F/H  
29 WaXoBe TANJ  
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
5 Black Knight F/H/3-D  
10-11-12 Yankton, South Dakota Dakota Classic  
19 WaXoBe F/H  
19 Buckshorn F/H  
25-26 Garden State Mid-Atlantic Outdoor Championship  
26 Lincoln Park 3-D (30 Rinehart’s & 3-D’s on practice Range)  
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
10 WaXoBe 3-D Only  
15 WaXoBe NJ-SFAA Meeting 8PM
16-17 Black Knights Bigfoot Open 14F/14/H 30 3-D  
23-24 Garden State F/H/3-D Both Days  
24 Buckshorn F/H  
24 Lincoln Park 3-D (30 Rinehart’s & 3-D’s on practice Range)  
25-29 Darrington, Wa NFAA Outdoor National Championship  
31 WaXoBe 3-D Only  
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
6 Black Knights 3-D NJ-SFAA Unmarked NJ State Championship  
7 Black Knights 3-D NJ-SFAA Marked NJ State Championship  
14 Garden State TANJ F/H/ 3-D Both Days  
14 Buckshorn Championship Warm Up  
21 WaXoBe F/H  
27-28 Buckshorn Bill Lockwood Memorial NJ-SFAA Outdoor Field Championship  
28 Lincoln Park Bowhunter Roundup 3-D (30 Rinehart’s & 3-D’s on practice Range)  
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
10-11 Garden State F/H/3-D Both Days  
16 WaXoBe NJ-SFAA Meeting 8PM
18 WaXoBe TANJ 3-D  
24-25 Yankton, SD NFAA National Outdoor Target Championship  
24-25 Garden State Vietnam Vets Mission of Honor Shoot  
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
2 WaXoBe NFAA 300 10AM
2 WoPena NFAA 300 11AM
9 Garden State NFAA 300 10AM
16 WaXoBe Vegas 450 10AM
16 Victory NFAA 300 10AM
23 Garden State Vegas 450 10AM
23 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
30 WaXoBe NFAA 300 10AM
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
6 Garden State NFAA 300 10AM
6 WoPena NFAA 300 11AM
13 WaXoBe Vegas 450 10AM
18 WaXoBe NJ-SFAA Meeting 8PM
20 Garden State Vegas 450 10AM
20 Victory NFAA 300 10AM
27 WaXoBe NFAA 300 10AM
27 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
DateLocationEvent TypeDetails
4 Garden State NFAA 300 10AM
4 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
11 WaXoBe Vegas 450 10AM
11 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
18 Garden State Vegas 450 10AM
18 WoPeNa NFAA 300 11AM
Tournament Key

F = Field Round NFAA Outdoor (circle)Targets (Black Rings – Black Spot)
H = Hunter Round NFAA Outdoor (circle)Targets (Black Target – White Spot)
F/H/ 3-D = Choice of NFAA Field / Hunter paper rounds - or- 3-D Animal Target rounds available
A = NFAA Approved Paper Animal Targets (are shot at the NJ-SFAA Outdoor State Championship)
3-D McKenzie or Reinhardt 3-D Animal Targets
SFAA - NJ State Field Archery Association Sanctioned Shoot
NFAA 300 (Indoor Round) National Field Archery Association 300 Round - Blue Face (60 Arrows)
Vegas 450 (Indoor Round) FITA 40cm - Multicolor Face Gold Spot (45 Arrows)
TCAA = Tri-County Archers shoot at Finwood Paper Animal Targets with Red Spot
TCAA Indoor = Same as NFAA Blue Face Targets – 300 Round

2016 TANJ Cabin Fever 3D Shoot

ANJRPC: Gov. Christie Vetoes "Smart Gun" Legislation

Today, Governor Christie vetoed S3249 -- the new "smart gun" legislation that swaps one mandate for another and tries to force market acceptance of smart guns instead of letting the market decide.

"We welcome Governor Christie's veto of this transparent ploy to force market acceptance of this dangerous and unproven technology, to facilitate a national ban on all conventional firearms similar to New Jersey's 2002 ban," said ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach. "If smart guns are such a great idea, then why don't the bill sponsors adopt smart guns exclusively for their own security details, instead of refusing to live under the same restrictions they have forced on everyone else?" asked Bach. Ironically, police are exempt under New Jersey's 2002 smart gun law, and S3249 continues to exempt New Jersey from any liability resulting from the technology's failure.

The Governor "pocket-vetoed" S3249 - a type of veto that is only available at the end of New Jersey's two-year legislative session. Unlike the rest of the legislative session, where taking no action means a bill automatically passes, during the pocket veto period bills are automatically vetoed when the Governor's time to act on them expires. A conditional veto rewriting the legislation is not available at the end of the pocket veto period.

As the new legislative session begins, ANJRPC will continue to vigilantly monitor for legislative threats in Trenton, including the re-introduction of new smart gun legislation.


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